Giulia Adotti

Partner of the Adotti Law Firm - Adotti & Associati


Admitted in front of the Superior Courts, councillor of the Velletri Bar Association and Data Protection Officer. She focuses on  the protection of personal rights, particularly in the areas of privacy, family and  succession law; she is the author of publications on data protection and is involved in research and study of law in the digital age and new technologies.

Privacy Consultant and Data Protection Officer (DPO) (profession regulated under L. 4/2013 – KHC certificate of competence reg. no. DPO 2392, in accordance with UNI 11697/2017), provides consultancy to companies in the field of data protection also in her capacity as Data Protection Officer and is Scientific Coordinator of the Executive Programme in Privacy Governance for the Luiss Business School. She carries out and has carried out teaching activities in the field of Privacy.


Degree in Law from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. Scholarship holder in Italy, Spain and USA


Italian, English, Spanish.


As a lawyer for leading banking, insurance and international corporations operating in industry and services, she assists companies and organisations in the area of out-of-court consultancy in addition to civil and administrative litigation.