“Adotti & Associati Law Firm, founded in 1993,  offers legal services through a consolidated Team of professionals mainly active in the areas of of civil, company and labour law and in specific areas of criminal and administrative law.

Adotti & Associati Law Firm bases its values on professional excellence, ethics, and attention to the quality of services.

The mission of the Firm consists of the goal of offering added value legal services,  also through transversal and synergistic skills, in a complex and articulated sector such as the legal one, with particular attention to the Client’s needs.

All Law Firm professionals are engaged in research activities and legal studies.

In the last decade Adotti & Associati has evolved from a traditional firm with focus on the litigation sector to a professional reality that deals with emerging and challenging professional hambits.

Compliance  (specially in the hambits of the corporate responsibility and data protection) and corporate governance issues, the clear necessity to settle (where possible) the litigation cases out of court (with reduction of costs and uncertainties) represent a new frontier of our professional engagement which has its roots in thirty years of professional experience.


Our professional approach and our values: towards the future

Result – oriented while attentive to professional ethics, we consider essential a transparent and technical equipped  approach with icreasing focus on the opportunities that the digital technology allows, even in the consulting sector.

We promote in our Firm and beyond the environmental sustenaibility and the saving of energy sources,  equal opportunities, well – being and the human and professional development. We support the research and academic and training activities in the legal sector.

The pandemic emergency COVID – 19 makes necessary a new approach to the relationships with the istitutions, the judicial environment and with our Clients.

Given the above we encourage strongly the usage of digital meetings and the rigorous observance of the existing regulations and policies.

Alessandro Adotti


Admitted to the Bar in front of the Superior Courts. He is the author of publications and studies...

Giulia Adotti Studio legale Adotti
Giulia Adotti


Admitted to the Bar in front of the Superior Courts. She focuses on the field of Human right, esp...

Federico Rossetti

Senior Lawyer

Lawyer, expert in civil litigation, he has matured a specific competence in the area of civil lia...

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